Halloween in the Home

by - Monday, October 24, 2016

Pumpkin season is here! 

This weekend it seemed to get a LOT colder all of a sudden! It was really crisp weather here, perfect for autumn days out. I have been purchasing loads for autumn recently, as I love the colours of this time of year, and have tried to make it a cross between halloweeny and autumny rather than just halloweeny, as that is only one day really! Hope you like the blog post! 

(the above photo was taken at Emma Bridgewater in Stoke)

Halloween baths..

Thanks to the good people at Lush we can now have the most autumnal bath ever! I paired this bath bomb with some Waitrose pumpkin tea lights. It smells gorgeous apparently it is meant to be pumpkin pie, but a little overpowering when not in the water so the sooner you use it the better! I can't wait to try their other stuff now. I think I will have this in the bath while watching the Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl Season 1. 

Halloween house decorations...

This year I have tried to not spend lots of money on my decorations, because I am now a student again and also it then means I can spend more on Christmas decorations (yes I said the "C" word already!). I have scoured high and low for some good deals which you can see below, I don't think I paid over £4 for anything in this blog post! I think sometimes cheaper decorations can look more elegant as they are cheaper and you may even be able to convince people you made them yourself. 

I think I will be decorating my pumpkin this week as well, but the issue is I always spend ages looking on Pinterest for the PERFECT design and when it comes to it it never looks anything like it, such a Pinterest fail! I usually end up buying 2 pumpkins and trying something daring on one, then just going for a bog-standard look on the other!

Bat Garland - Wilkos (£1!!!!)
Pumpkin decorations - Poundland (£1 for 2!)
Pumpkin Lights - Poundland (again) (£1)

I don't really know what to do for Halloween itself this year. I much prefer bonfire night as a cosy evening out! It was more fun in the days of trick or treating, I'm not sure the neighbours would appreciate me asking for sweets on behalf of Peggy and Coco, although I have bought them Halloween costumes (which I will hopefully be able to take photos of if I can get them to sit still!).


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