Trick or Treat!

by - Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloween weekend!

What could be more Halloweeny than costumes! As I am not going to a Halloween party this year I thought it would be better to dress up my favourite little friends. 

POUND LAND was amazing for these!! Peggy's devil (above) and Coco's skeleton costumes both came from Poundland (£1!!!) and Coco's witch hat came from Pets at Home and was £5. All the costumes were made for animals and are made out of stretchy material to make sure your pets are comfortable! 

I feel like I should make this post more pet fashiony so here we go: Peggy wears a size small and Coco wears a size Large (although this was a little small for her round her waist so I didn't do it up and it looked more like a skeleton waistcoat). 

I absolutely LOVE seeing animals looking festive and can't wait for pet Christmas outfits, this really made me wish I could take them treat or treating. 

Taking photos of pets is SO HARD!! To try and get them to pay attention to the camera and also not just roll about or knock the hat off (Coco!!). I would recommend some treats to keep them engaged and make sure that the costumes are not uncomfortable AT ALL. Then lots of hugs and kisses afterwards. Coco actually kept running back upstairs to where I had taken the photo as she clearly loved the attention!

Hope you all have a lovely Halloween! 

P.s Peggy is so cheeky! (see below)

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