BLOGMAS: DIY Christmas Pomander

by - Monday, December 19, 2016

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, I went out on Friday and Saturday for Christmassy dos which were both super fun. Yesterday we needed a relax so before we went to a carol concert in the evening, we made these homemade pomanders which are super easy to do and smell AMAZING!! 

They are really easy all you need to do is:
- get an orange you would like to decorate
- buy some toothpicks and cloves to poke in
- using the toothpick, make a hole in the orange them poke your clove in
- we decorated ours with ribbons but you can do anything you want and any pattern you want with the cloves! 

Literally is that simple and they smell amazing!

Of course I was helped by my little elf.....

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