BLOGMAS: Shortest Day in Ashbourne

by - Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today we headed over to Ashbourne which isn't that far away and it was CHRISTMASSY FRONT DOOR HEAVEN!! Loads of people had wreaths on their doors and it was a lovely cold day.

It went dark so so early though! I had forgotten it was the shortest day (or the longest night) and by 4 o'clock it had gone dark! I can't believe that this is Christmas week!! I don't feel quite at my peak festive-ness yet but I can't wait to give people their presents now I feel like I've been planning them for so long. 

Ashbourne is a really lovely place, we went to a café for lunch, and it wasn't great, but we normally go to the deli on the Market Place. We had a nosey round all the boutique shops and I bought some nice Christmassy decorations (which I think I will save for next year now!)
Have you all finished all your Christmas shopping?

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