Fashion on the Ration

by - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Weekend everyone! Last weekend me and my sister went to Manchester of the day to FINALLY attend the "Fashion on the Ration" exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North in Salford. Being the social history geek that I am (you don't do a masters in it for nothing) I was KEEN! 

The weather was gorgeous and the exhibit was amazing, even for a geek like me who reads up on these things all the time it was a lovely mix of some stuff that I already knew bits of as well as some completely new stuff that I didn't already know. 

It was also so nice to see all the uniforms for women, as well as men, as I feel that the Home Front gets focussed on a lot when thinking about women, rather than the military contribution that women made to the war.

This was my favourite piece from the exhibition, without a doubt! It is an underwear set made from an emergency silk map - handed out to soldiers in backpacks in case they found themselves in a pickle. I want one!

 Manchester was looking as gorgeous as ever in its own way:
If you want to go to see Fashion on the Ration BE QUICK! It's only there until the 1st of May
Claudia x

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