Gluten & Mini-Break in Hampshire

by - Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 
So I am still catching up on my Christmas activities posts! Last week we headed down to Hampshire which is where Jonny is from. We spent a few days there seeing people and then went for pizza at Pizza Express before coming home. I thought this post would be a good chance to blog about being sensitive to gluten as when I go to Pizza Express I have to have a gluten free pizza as otherwise it would be too much gluten for my body to deal with.

So my gluten sensitivity is hit most when I eat LOADS of it, so I could have some soy sauce with my rice (soy sauce has gluten in it) but I couldn't eat normal pasta (the bulk of a meal). It does make things really annoying sometimes, but luckily now a lot of restaurants have a gluten-free menu or at least gluten free options. I am going to try to eat less gluten in 2017 as it can make me really sluggish and tired (as well as all the tummy problems that I won't bore you with!), and inevitably gets worse when I get stressed so these are all things I would like to avoid. 

At Pizza Express, I ordered the Soho 65 on the gluten free base (I wanted to have something that at least seemed a little healthier as we had been eating lots of greasy snacks at Jonny's parents' house), with dough balls to start! PE is one of the best places for gluten free pizza for anyone who is looking for one. 

I've also included a photo of a GORGEOUS Post Box that we overlooked while eating.
Claudia x 

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