January Beauty Favourites

by - Sunday, January 29, 2017

February is nearly here! We've had one whole month of 2017 (nearly) so here are my January beauty favourites... there are a lot but that's because I had lots for Christmas and I feel like I have been shopping a lot recently!
So here goes...

Clinique Crayola Chubby stick in shade Mauvelous
I have all 8 of this and I love how they give a lovely sheen to your lips - as well as actually being moisturising! This shade is definitely my favourite, I have worn it nearly every day since buying it! These are limited edition as well! You can buy the set I have here for £35

Clinique Pep-start Eye Cream
I got this as a tester when I bought the Crayola limited editions and it's meant to be an anti-fatigue cream and it definitely feels so nice on my skin. I love this little sample tube, it's so easy to store and pop in your bag. You can buy the full-size tube here for £22

Garnier Pure Micellar Cleansing Water
I had heard amazing things about micellar water (for such a good price) and thought it was only fair that I gave it a go. I had a quick look at the ones on offer and thought I would try this one, which is specifically for oily and blemished skin. I really like it! It feels so clean and fresh and seems to really get rid of my make-up- the only thing it isn't as good at is my eye make-up! This is definitely a great purchase if you want to try micellar water and have oily skin! You can buy it here for £3.33 (SO CHEAP!!)

Brushegg Make-up Brush Cleaner
This is great- it only arrived on Saturday morning and I've already cleaned all my brushes with it. It's a great size and really easy to use - I got mine in pink but you can get all sorts of colours. Get this here for £4.95

Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask
My mum bought this for me for Christmas as I am loving the rest of the Tea Tree at Body shop range. This did not disappoint. I have used it quite a bit recently as it's not gloopy, it literally just goes on your face like clay then you can wash it off. I used it in the bath the other day and my skin looked SO much better when I got out of the bath. It's a really good price too. Get it here for £11

Alpha H Liquid Gold
I got this in my M and S beauty advent calendar and was a little worried to use it on my face because it said glycolic acid on the packet. I read more about it online and someone had said how it was good for acne and I was determined to give it a try. I personally am not sure how much it actually works, but it makes my skin feel a lot better - tighter and gives it a tingling sensation. I usually use it when I'm doing some work or something like that, and don't want to use a face mask - there are more instructions on the website. You can get the full size one (and read more about it) here for £33.50

Argan+ Argan Oil Nourishing Lip Balm
LOVE THIS!!! My mum got it me for Christmas and not only is it my favey fave colour it is amazing!! It feels like a real treat for your lips and you don't need much each time which means it's already lasted longer than my Carmex. I think this is ideal for winter weather- it's so soothing and nice on your lips. I think out of all my January faves this is my absolute favourite. You can buy it here for £3.95

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray
I feel like I am late to the party with this one! I had seen loooads about this from other beauty bloggers and needed to try it (I genuinely have sleeping issues as well!) so I thought what better time than when the January sales were on. I really think it works! It does smell nice and it makes me feel relaxed and cosy before bed. You can get it here for £25

I hope you all enjoyed this post please leave a comment if you did or if you have tried any of these products before!
Claudia x

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  1. THE PILLOW SPRAY!!!! I've been using the same Micellar cleansing water, I agree it's really good but not for eye makeup! I usually use the Clarins eye makeup remover to take off my mascara because it works really well & then the cleansing water on the rest of my face. That liquid gold stuff sounds so good, I'm tempted to invest!