Why I've stopped eating pigs..

by - Saturday, January 28, 2017

N.B. This post is NOT intended to persuade you to stop eating pig - it's a personal story of a realisation I have come to about my own feelings regarding eating pork. If you don't want to hear about it, you can instead read my other posts! 

Watching this video was the moment I realised I didn't want to eat pig anymore. I had been debating giving up eating some types of meat for a while as I wasn't sure where I stood on meat in general on a moral level. In particular, I had an issue with pig because of my dog Coco (see above).

Looking at photos of pigs I realise how similar pigs are to dogs (especially Coco, who is a French Bulldog and snorts and trumps like a pig), and the more I read about them being clever (as clever as a three-year-old apparently) the more I really really don't want to eat them. I understand that they don't have much use, agriculturally speaking, without us eating them, and I am not against others eating pigs, I just can't

So far, I haven't missed pork at all. We have all embarked on this (except my sister whose favourite food is gammon) and we are eating Linda Mccartney sausages, turkey bacon and avoiding everything else. One thing I will miss is pulled pork so I would like to try and find an alternative to that, maybe pulled chicken?

It would be really nice to hear people's thoughts on this, as I mentioned before I don't want anyone to stop eating pork because of me, this is just something that I personally wanted to do. So please leave a comment with what you think! Also if anyone has any veggie pork alternatives then please let me know...
Claudia x

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