Women's March London and how to get involved if you missed it

by - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yesterday was a fantastic day. 

Me and Jonny headed down to the Women's March London just in time to see the rally in Trafalgar Square. It was amazing - and best of all, it was PACKED. So many people had come out to show their support, not only for women, but against discrimination of any kind. 
It was one of my new years resolutions to myself that I would start to become more openly political about my feminist opinions and so I couldn't wait to get involved with the march.
I think more than anything I feel empowered after yesterday, and even though people who don't support it are asking what good it has really done, if we have managed to empower the people who were at the march, or better yet the ones at home, then we have done a good job!

I saw lots of charities and causes at the march yesterday, if you would like to get involved with them then click the links below. 
Women's Equality Party
Amnesty International 
Hope Not Hate
50:50 Parliament
Contact Theresa May!
Contact your local MP
This is only the beginning!

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