Avocado Salsa with Vegetarian Chilli

by - Thursday, February 23, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to The Avocado Cookbook by Heather Thomas because I am OBSESSED with avocados and sometimes it's good to get ideas on more dishes to make with them. I decided to look at the main meal section first, and last night I cooked the Vegetarian Slow-Cooker Chilli with Zingy Avocado Salsa. 

I really enjoyed cooking it, especially as it went in the slow cooker which meant I could do it in my own time in the day rather than stressing about getting all the veg cooked in the evening. I thought it was really tasty (mum wasn't so sure about the texture) but best of all it was great to try something new now we are having a big cut down on meat eating. (And this meal was about 2 million of my 5-a-day). The salsa was really lovely though - I think the best bit of the meal - the avocados saving the day once again! 

I would really recommend this book, it's not massive to carry round, or expensive, and has some really nice ideas on how to use avocados for every meal of the day including pudding so if you're also obsessed with avocados it's amazing! It would make a really good present for someone too. 

The final dish isn't that aesthetically pleasing (see below) but I really enjoyed making and eating it! Let me know if you've tried any of these recipes in this book! Claudia 

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  1. I have never tried any of these recipes in this book. I will have to check out this recipe book since I love avocado :) Thanks for letting us know about it!


  2. This looks so good and easy to do! I haven't had avocados in a while so this is a must try!

  3. This looks delicious and I'm obsessed with avocado!

    Sophie x

  4. I love a good avocado salsa. It sounds so easy and will have to try it out next time I have some avocados at home.
    Lea, xx

  5. This looks amazing - and right up my street. I love rice dishes with lots of sauce! I'm obsessed with chilli con carne and curry. I could eat it every day. This looks like a fab healthy option! x

  6. These all sound like amazing things to try! I love avocado, I could eat it everyday!!