Peak Wildlife Park Day Out

by - Monday, February 20, 2017

So this weekend me and Jonny decided to do something a bit different, and we visited our local wildlife park, Peak Wildlife Park. Despite being just down the road from Leek we hadn't been before. It was amazing, most of all because it was super peaceful and because it's a little out of the way it wasn't massively busy (which is great because there's nothing worse than when you go somewhere for a fun day out and it's heaving and you can't see the animals - you can tell I've had wayyy too many of these days). 

We saw loads of animals there, I have taken photos (see below) of all my favourite ones. Most of all, the enclosures were the best ones I've ever seen at this type of zoo/wildlife park. Most of it was interactive, and you could go into the animals' enclosures, which were all huge. I also liked the way that they all had friends to hang out with, there's nothing worse than just one lonely lemur or elephant in an enclosure, when most animals are quite social.

It was amazing that Peak Wildlife Park had really focussed on having a few types of animals (although there were a lot looking back) rather than trying to pack hundreds of animals into a tiny space, like the big zoos seem to. My favourite animals were definitely the meerkats, which have definitely got me wondering about Peggy's parentage - they were so similar to her! They had penguins, wallabies, deer, pygmy goats and loads more. 

So, moving onto the second most important thing with a day out, the FOOD. Peak Wildlife Park had amazing pizza which I had to take a photo of (see below), that was buy one get one free after 3 pm! Jonny and I both had a Margarita pizza, Jonny had a Coke and I had a hot chocolate (was very cold by this point!) all for the low low price of £13. I would also highly recommend the gift shop - you can go in there without paying to go into the park. They had hundreds of cuddly toys as well as lots of arty prints and homeware - we had a great look around. 
I got a membership for the park (only £30), because it is so close and I thought that whenever I was having a low moment or feeling stressed or couldn't concentrate I could head down here to have some fresh air, a walk round and a look at all the gorgeous animals. 

You can find Peak Wildlife Park here:
Peak Wildlife Park, Winkhill, Leek ST13 7QR

There are loads of wildlife parks all over Britain! You can see them here and search your area. LOADS OF LOVELY ANIMAL PICS BELOW ~ Claudia 

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