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by - Monday, February 06, 2017

Kittens are without a doubt the cutest thing, I mean my blog wouldn't be called Claudia Loves Cats if I didn't love cats right? Beware, this post has lots of photos of cats in it!

Getting a kitten is no small undertaking, as I hope you are all aware. I am the proud parent of Peggy, who definitely comes under the "naughty tortie" description in that she is very very naughty. It is lovely to have a little furry friend to cuddle and to tell your secrets to. Peggy hears all my secrets, it really is a good job she can't talk to other people. 

Prepare to have your house FULL of cat stuff
Honestly, you know when you see the photos of my bedroom on Insta and you think oh how lovely and clean and tidy and uncluttered. It's an illusion as I've probably just picked at least FIVE cat toys up off the floor, as well as some cat fur and maybe something that Peggy has been playing with that isn't a cat toy. In fact, I found her stash the other day under my bed, there was all sorts she had stolen from me (a sweet, a tampon, a little bell from a Lindt chocolate, Christmas wrapping paper, you can imagine the etc.). I also have a big scratching post in my room, that I got at the local pet shop. It isn't very photogenic (prepare for this with cat toys!) but I do have some other really pretty stuff like Peggy's wicker carry case, pictures of which are on my instagram @claudialovescats
Basically, our house is full of cat stuff, but she plays with it, and to be honest I would rather have a house full of toys she plays with than her being bored and sad!

Any time is play time
5 am or while you're eating your dinner is play time, while you're brushing your teeth - play time and worst, when you're tying your shoelaces - play time. 
Kittens have loads of energy, and will want to play constantly. The best thing to do is to play and play with them, this helps them to burn off energy and you to avoid them chewing/scratching everything. It also helps you to build up a relationship with your kitten - they become your friend through playing with them!

Kitten-proof your house where possible
At first, they won't be able to climb on much, but before long they will want to climb on everything! I started by moving breakables to a safe place. There really isn't much you can do when they start getting bigger though, but I would really recommend an anti-chew spray. I was most paranoid about Peggy's chewing of wires (oh my god) and sprayed my anti-chew all over them and she didn't like the taste of it at all! I got one from my local pet shop, but you can also get one from Pets at Home here. 

Buy toys that will last 
The best toy I have bought for Peggy is her "Cheese". I got this from Fetch Online, and while it was initially quite pricey, she really loves it and plays with it all the time. I really hoped it would be quieter than it actually is, but she always goes and bashes it with her paws when she wants me to switch it on. The little mice have seen some action but they are seriously hardy and the batteries are still the same ones I put in in June!!! 
If you're going to spend money on toys, then make sure you buy ones that last so you can get your money's worth!

Get them insured! 
This is key, if you have a pet you need to make sure you can pay for vets bills if they get sick. This is not just for when they swallow a sock (it happens guys) but also if they get diagnosed with something like diabetes and need an extensive course of medicine, potentially life-long care. I have insured Peggy with John Lewis Pet Insurance, which so far has been great. They have a 24-hour Vet line so you can ring them any time you are worried about the health of your kitten/cat! I have also had Peggy spayed and microchipped, even though she is a house cat. 

Actually getting the kitten
I paid 30 pounds for Peggy. It makes me sad sometimes to think that her whole little life cost only 30 pounds. We were advised to get a girl cat because we already have a boy cat, and we were worried it would disrupt his routine if we got another boy cat with all his tom cat smells. I am not an expert at all at cats, but I would definitely recommend asking to see the mother before you take home a kitten, and make sure you know how old the kitten is. I would also recommend de-fleaing and de-worming them when they reach the right age BUT I am not an expert on this - you can find out more here.

I hope this helps with anyone thinking of getting a kitten, I would really recommend getting one through Cats Protection - I am a cat sponsor and all it takes is £4 a month to feed a cat.

If anyone has any questions then pop me a DM on instagram (@claudialovescats) or email me at: 

Has anyone else recently got a kitten? What do you do to keep them entertained? 
Claudia x

***NOTHING on this post is sponsored, they are all my own views 

**** I have had 2 kittens before I got Peggy, unfortunately, one got hit by a car in 2009 and died and the other died of a heart attack at 5 years old when I lived in Paris in 2013.

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