Valentine's Day Beauty & Home

by - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I thought it was only right that I got on the Valentine's bandwagon, as I love pink things and had some really lovely stuff to show you! See under the photos for the low down on my favourite Valentine's day beauty and home.

My Valentine's Day favourites for 2017!

I LOVE these, I actually don't think I have left the house without one since I got them, including today, when I played a rugby game. Just so moisturising and the colours are so nice

This is from Oliver Bonas and I LOVE IT. I got it at the Manchester station store - my sister and I were laughing about how we had spent money before we had even left the train station. BUT it is amazing and matches my room really well and is a CAT'S FACE!!!

I was really sceptical about this when I first got it because I wasn't sure how much this would actually work on my super oily skin. But under the right foundation, this works really well! I usually wear it under my Kat Von D foundation (which I really need to do a blog post on soon), and I don't seem to get much shine on me, as well as it helping my make-up go on better. Would really recommend this.

Lush Butter Bear - around £2
I can't find this on the website was it a Christmas exclusive do any Lushies know? Either way, I can't wait to try it this month. I am trying to start having more baths to relax after deadlines etc so this little guy will be getting used soon!

I had heard amazing things about this and got it before Christmas but with a recommendation from my sister, I am only starting to use it now. I have used it once or twice, for the 10 minutes that it suggests for damaged hair.

This smells gorgeous and the bottle is so beautiful. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Equally as crucial for this post were the heart lights- I got them from Morrison's for TWO POUNDS - such a good price! And the Love Hearts, which you can get from a newsagent but I got mine from Morrisons in a jumbo pack

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? It is also my mum's birthday so we will be going out for lunch for that.
Claudia x

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