A Very Late February Favourites

by - Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hey everyone - very sorry for the late February favourites, I was super busy at the start of March and this week I have been a bit poorly and have spent a lot of time in bed wishing my voice would come back! Anyway, I have made some really good purchases this month and also delved into my beauty stores to have a root round. Everything I have chosen this month I have used LOADS so I needed to share them all with you!

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm - I got this in my M&S beauty advent calendar in December but I had loads of my trusty Clinique make up remover so I didn't think to use this. I wish I had started using it earlier, as this is so so good for eye make-up - even the really hard to move stuff! I would really recommend this you can get it here for: £38

Kat Von D 'lock it' Setting Powder - This was my treat purchase of this month, and it has NOT disappointed! I already use the Kat Von D lock it foundation which I really love as it is so good on my oily skin that I thought it was high time I tried this setting powder. I really like it - the only thing I would ask is whether people would normally put a setting powder on after their bronzer/blush or before? I normally put it on before but if there is a better way then I am open to suggestions! You can get this here for: £22

Sleek Make-up Colour Corrector Palette - I had been seeing lots about colour correction on Instagram and thought I would give it a try. I saw this really compact Sleek Make-up palette with 6 different colours on and thought I would give it a go. The price is amazing!! So far I have found it is great - it actually does seem to provide a really good colour base for my foundation and best of all it has been making my foundation go further which always helps! I have mostly been using the green and the yellow. You can buy this here for: £7.99

this works In Transit Turbo Balm - I have been using this for my lips and my cuticles, and it definitely does what it says on the tin and adds a lot of moisture. I pop it on my cuticles before bed and when I wake up they are much better! Would really recommend it. You can get it here for: £12

Alpha+ Argon Oil Nourishing Lip Balm - I think this was on my January favourites as well, and I guess I'm not supposed to put it on twice but if anything I like this even more than then! This is undoubtedly my fave lip balm - I even love the packaging! I would really recommend this. You can get it here for: £3.95

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes - These are great and come in loads of different colours and they don't dry out like lots of other matte lip colours do. They are quite compact and so are perfect for nights out and handbags. They are also so cheap such good value and a good introduction to matte lips if you haven't tried them before. You can get them here for: £6

Benefit They're Real Mascara in black - I had been wanting to try this for ages as my Mac mascara wasn't doing the trick for me. I got a Benefit one that came free with Elle magazine last month. It was only a small mini one and so as soon as I knew I loved it I bought this full size one. I feel it actually makes my lashes look thicker - I often struggle to get them looking really black as well and this is just perfect. It's also quite competitively priced with other similar brands so there really is no downside! You can get this here for: £20.50

Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask - This mask came in my GlossyBox a couple of months ago and I have used it a few times this month. I use it for the maximum 11 minutes because I have oily skin but you can feel it working as soon as you put it on. It is pricey but definitely worth it if you really want to treat your skin. This bottle will last you ages as well as you only need a really thin layer on your face. You can get it here for: £60

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack - I got this because I had been wanting a Kanken for ages, I did deliberate over the colour a little in the end ordering two and sending one back but this is the perfect choice. It is such an amazing bag I have used it for uni, my weekend trip to Birmingham and countryside walks (which you can see below!) It is so sturdy and I love love the colour (my favourite colour as you can probably tell from 30% of the posts on this blog). You can get yourself a Kanken from here for: £65

Please let me know if you have tried any of these products or if there is anything you think I should try! I have now turned on commenting for people without accounts so please leave a comment! Claudia xx

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  1. Great list! Love the sound of the face mask - long overdue a pamper session!

  2. Love the bag �� Thanks for sharing. Molly x