Free Andy Tsege with Lush

by - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When we went to Lincoln to visit my sister a few weeks ago we made the compulsory trip to Lush. Jonny noticed a new bath bomb there, which is this one, that Lush have made to support to help to free Andy Tsege. 

Andy is a British father of three who has been kidnapped by the Ethiopian government and is being held in Ethiopia illegally. He has not been allowed access to his family or a lawyer since 2009 when he was kidnapped from Yemen. The 20th of March was Andy Tsege's 1000th day on death row.

With this bath bomb, you get a postcard that you can send to Boris Johnson to ask him to pressure the Ethiopian government to free Andy and also the knowledge that the money you pay for this will go towards Andy's cause. Please also tweet Boris Johnson to make sure that he listens. 

While this is only a bath bomb, albeit a very nice smelling one, this could really change Andy Tsege's life, as well as bring him home to his family. Less than four pounds really is a small price to pay for someone's freedom. The events of the last year combined with the events of this week in London really show that freedom really is just as important as ever, and we should all be helping each other. If you aren't into bath bombs there are other ways you can get involved (or buy your mum one for Sunday!). 

Hope everyone is safe and well - Claudia x

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  1. Such a good idea from Lush - I think I'll get one (plus great excuse to invest in another bath bomb...)

  2. I love Lush and this just makes me love them more. What a great cause to support!

    1. I agree! and I hadn't heard of Andy's cause before this so it was super good to find out about it through Lush!