Paris Recommendations from a former resident!

by - Friday, March 03, 2017

Salut! I realised the other day that I have never talked on the blog about my time living in Paris. I thought it was only fair that I gave you some recommendations for cool places!
So just a bit of background as to why I was in Paris in the first place - at university I studied Politics with French which required a compulsory year abroad in a Francophone country, I naively (not thinking of my bank balance) picked Paris to study, at French university Sciences Po and got accepted! I had to study nearly all my politics modules in French while I was there which was not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Here are 6 experiences I think you should have in Paris. The photos were all taken while I lived in Paris (2013 - 2014) on my iPhone 4 - the quality is not up to my usual standard they look like they have been taken on a potato but I thought it was better to see my experiences so I could really show you why these things are amazing!

1 Lunch and a walk round in the Marais
The Marais is definitely my favourite part of Paris. I had the amazing chance to live there for my second term at Sciences Po, and had a little studio right next to the metro stop Saint Paul. It's FULL of cafes and lovely shops (which I'm thinking of writing a post about later???)  and the lunches I had here were some of the best I had in Paris. It is a really cool neighbourhood, so it's also definitely worth a look round. I would advise you to get off the metro at Hôtel de Ville then walk through (some of it is pedestrianised as well). 

2 Have lunch/a hot chocolate at a posh restaurant on Boulevard Saint-Germain
Right next to metro stop Saint-Germain-des-Pres there are two gorgeous restaurants that became famous in the twenties as they were frequented by Ernest Hemingway and his friends. My favourite of the two was Les Deux Magots, and I went here once for dinner and once for a hot chocolate and the most gorgeous raspberry macaron! It is super pricey but well worth a visit as you really get to dine in style!

3 Falafel at the world famous L'as du Fallafel 
This is also in the Marais, just round the corner from where I used to live in the Jewish part of Paris. The Falafel here is AMAZING and there are loads of things nearby to see and do. I would recommend getting it to take away, then you can walk around while you are eating it. I don't actually have any photos from when I got it (sad face) because I ate it so quickly but here are some links where you can check it out! Here and here 

4 Brunch at the Cat Cafe
This was really new when I lived in Paris, and it was the first and only cat cafe I have ever been to! It was really lovely, the cats were all quite quiet but there were lots of them and the brunch was really nice. I would recommend booking quite far in advance for this as it was very busy!!! It's in Bastille, you can find all the details here. It's open every day except Mondays. 

5 Have a crêpe at Bastille market
For my first term at Sciences Po, I lived in Bastille, near Charonne. It was great, there were loads of restaurants and shops and it wasn't far from the metro. BUT if you are looking for something a little bit quieter and a little bit more traditional then I would highly recommend Bastille market. It is on Sunday mornings but get there early because it's normally packed up and gone by about 2pm ish! There are loads of crêpe stalls, as well as flowers, drinks, fruit, veg, cheese, meats and bread of course! Here is me and my friend Louise eating our yummy crêpes (sorry Louise I stole your photo to put on here!!)

6 Go and see an exhibition you wouldn't see at home
This photo is from an exhibition I saw in Paris on some amazing pieces that Cartier have produced. I even saw Kate Middleton's wedding day tiara! This was definitely something I couldn't have seen at home, and it made me more grateful to be in Paris! You can find some interesting things that are taking place in Paris here and here

This was really hard to limit to just 6!!!! I feel I have lots and lots more to write about so if anyone liked the Paris recommendations then let me know if you would like more. I would be keen to do a museum or FOOD special post if you would like that? Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter/Instagram. *****Sorry again for the dodgy photos - it was nearly 4 years ago guys. 

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