Spring Home Updates

by - Monday, March 27, 2017

Just a mini post today because I have lots to tell you in another post soon about the weekend I have had! It has been such good weather the past few days that I really feel like spring has finally started so I thought I would update you on some things I have changed in my room to welcome in the new season. First of all, see above for my love of daffodils! They are so cheap (you can normally get a bunch for £1) but really brighten up rooms and smell great. You can also get several different types if you shop around so you can perfect them for the style of your house. They look perfect on the mantlepiece in my room with my mini Peggy. 

Another thing I have really taken to is using my Emma Bridgewater baker as a large trinket tray. It is in the gorgeous polka dot pattern which I love because it's really bright and goes with loads. I use it to hold my favourite lipsticks, my hand cream and a candle for when I am getting ready. It also means that I get lots of use out of my baker and get to show it off! 

Around Christmas, I had lots of Christmassy scented candles in my room so for spring I wanted to use this Emma Bridgewater one that my mum got me, as it has a really light floral scent. It is so lovely it makes my room smell nice even when it is not lit! It's also quite big so it will last me a long time. I usually have it on my mantlepiece or on my bedside table. 

I haven't done that many spring updates on my bedroom because I am trying to use spring as a time to declutter my room (and life!) a little. I am going to do a wardrobe clean out next week all being well and I'm hoping I can try and be ruthless with getting rid of stuff I haven't used for months (sometimes years). Has anyone got any tips for spring cleaning? I usually try and watch an episode of Life Laundry (a show from the early 2000s) on Youtube before I start and I've also been trying to read Marie Kondo's books but I get quite sentimental about things and find I can't get rid of stuff easily so please let me know any tips!  
Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday! Claudia

*not sponsored by Emma Bridgewater I am just obsessed with her products!

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  1. Mini peggy is fantastic, a lot more mellow than the real deal though!

  2. Beautiful pictures, what camera do you use?! I've been wanting the Emma Bridgewater spotty mug for ages, that pattern is so cute xx

    Sophia xx http://sophiawhitham.co.uk

    1. I use the Fujifilm XA2 I got it in September and haven't looked back! I love that pattern too it's fun and goes with loads! xx

  3. I lobe that flower vase and the flowers, so beautiful xx

  4. The tray looks lovely and definitely gives the room a touch of spring. I always like to brighten up my room with a bunch of flowers. At the moment there are some lovely tulips on my desk.
    Lea, xx

  5. How cute are these products??!! Great photos.


  6. Beautiful photos. I love your polka dots bowl. xx

  7. Beautiful pictures! Love this tiny cat!