My acne/oily skin lifesavers!

by - Sunday, July 09, 2017

Hey everyone, I have been wanting to do this post for a long time, as anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I have super oily skin/prone to acne and I wanted to show some of the products that have really helped my skin. Some of these products are quite expensive and some aren't, but I have found that sometimes spending a little more money to really get what you want is best. 

1. Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub, Mask (£8.50)
I originally got this as an alternative to the Garnier 3in1 mask, as I found out that that one had micro beads in it - a big no go! I tried this one as I wanted a replacement that would be good for skin with acne on it - I didn't want it to completely shred my skin. I've found that this one is great, I use it in the shower in the mornings and sometimes I put it on my face and then massage it off with a flannel or sometimes I use it as a scrub on the bits of my skin with lots of blackheads, like my t-zone (my chin!!). It's also a really good price. 

2. Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (£13)
I use this as my go-to daily moisturiser, and I find it fantastic! Instead of being a cream, it's more like a watery gel, which absorbs into my oily skin instead of sitting on the top of it, which I've had other products do and with those I find my makeup slowly slides off during the day. This cream is great for winter or summer, really easy to build up and recently my skin has been a lot better, so I've been mixing it with my Kat Von D makeup in order to make a daily tinted moisturiser, which I have found works really well. 

3. Kat Von D Liquid Lock It Foundation (£27)
This is without a doubt my favourite makeup product EVER. It is absolutely fantastic for oily skin and I honestly cannot recommend it enough. It's pricey, yes, but as I only use one or two pumps of the product a day (it's that good at staying on and coverage!!!!) I can make one 30ml bottle last about 6 MONTHS!!! I would highly recommend using it with a beauty blender so it doesn't get cakey - very high coverage - or if you are finding it a little heavy it is really easy to mix with primer or moisturiser for a little lighter coverage. This foundation is amazing!

4. Ultrasun Face Factor 30 (£18.99)
I had heard great things about this sun cream but I was still dubious about it before I used it as I automatically assume that sun creams have to be greasy to work. This Ultrasun face suncream is honestly more like a primer in its consistency and application! It could be used underneath makeup or on its own. I think it is the one product I won't be going on holiday without. Its gel-type texture means it mattifies my face and sits under my makeup really well, and it is the furthest away from greasy I think a suncream could get!

5. Sunday Riley UFO Face Oil (£68)
Lastly, the Sunday Riley UFO face oil, that I use every night before bed. This product is honestly fantastic. I've never been one for moisturising before bed, as I've always been worried that it would over-moisturise my skin and I would rather my spot treatment could get to my skin. This does both - I have actually noticed a massive difference on my skin since I started using it, my skin seems dewier in the mornings as it hasn't been completely stripped by a spot treatment and I know the salicylic acid will take care of my blemishes. So here are my 5 oily/acne prone skin lifesavers! Let me know if you have any other tips, Claudia x 

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