Handwriting workshop in Leeds

by - Monday, December 11, 2017

To kick off my Christmassy crafts me and my friend Louise went to a Christmas handwriting workshop at the North Star Coffee Shop in Leeds. The class was taught by Phylecia Sutherland (check out her website here) and we learnt faux calligraphy and brush lettering (which I was dying to learn) and had lovely baked treats from Noisette Bakehouse. We decorated baubles and gift tags (see below) which was great as they are things we can actually use! 
I found the faux calligraphy hard to keep consistent, so it ended up looking a bit like a 5 year old had done it, but I found the brush lettering much easier, so I will definitely be doing this more in future! 
The coffee shop was gorgeous and the table settings for the event were gorgeous and such lifestyle goals! 

I would really recommend anyone that wants to try a new craft to do a class like this - it's great as no one is a professional so you don't need to worry about it looking amateurish. It's also a lovely cosy night out (and very Christmassy around this time of year!). 

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